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Diversified Employee Benefit Services connects businesses and carriers via the Internet. eCommerce technology provides corporations with rapid access to diverse product pools in a secure, easy to use environment.


Making today's businesses and their employee benefit needs our priority, DEBS uses inventive product and premium design as an effective catalyst. The end result is reduced premium for your company needs not a profit center to the carrier. Dual option, same carrier group health, fully insured, partially or fully self funded, Medicare Advantage Plans and we can help navigate the ACA Healthcare MarketPlace, as well as provide, Ancillary Benefits such as: Life, Dental, STD-LTD, EAP, Vision, etc.


2019 100 Group MERP.jpg
2019 ACA Plans/MERP 105- C, H
Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan


MERP is owned and controlled by employer not the employee as in a HSA, HDHP carrier designed plan. Diversified designs a plan with higher deductible=lower premium, the savings between the typical low deductible=higher premium, we use to fund the MERP. Employer decides how much deductible employee/dependent will have exposure and the MERP pays the difference.  Less 7% of all Americans use their deductible.

Individual Medical Plans


DEBS can help you find an affordable individual health plan that suites your individual or family's needs. 

Email: [email protected]


Cafeteria Plan 125-C & D
Administrate Employer Self Funding:
  • Specific

  • Aggregate

  • Claims Administration

  • Network Contractors

  • Utilization Review

  • Deductible Analysis

  • Monthly and Annual Reporting for:

    • Medical

    • Prescription

    • Dental

    • Vision

Medicare Advantage Plans


Diversified has contracted with a major carrier for employee Retiree Group medical.  If you have  with employees and/or spouses at 65 or older, our customized designed retiree medical plan is ideal.  Our program will replace the existing higher deductible group medical with a program your 65 year old employees will have at extremely low premium and lower Phy copays + RX + lower deductible then current medical benefits.


For more information email:

[email protected]